Bathroom revamp

Happy New Year everyone! It's been over a year since I blogged and so much has happened! What better way to start than with our bathroom renovation. As you can see, the theme of our bathroom was orange. Orange walls, orange tiles and an orange bath panel. Whilst there is nothing wrong with the previous... Continue Reading →


Adopting a blind, 15 year old cat

This is the story of Luna, I wanted to share this as she changed my life. My memory is also horrendous so this is also a little reminder for me to look back on. I have always been an advocate for adopting & rescuing animals. There are so many waiting in shelters for a loving... Continue Reading →

Healthy Granola Recipe

Happy Saturday everyone! I've always been a healthy eater, aside from my chocolate addition... but hey no ones perfect! I do however have a tendency to start following a recipe before checking if I have the correct ingredients... which I never do. So I substitute them which NEVER ends well, except for today! So I thought I... Continue Reading →

Finding your fitness style

Learning to love fitness  Personally, I am not a fan of the gym. I struggle to motivate myself to go alone and find the whole thing quite daunting. The amount of people, the atmosphere, the equipment, ahhh. But I LOVE the feeling after a workout! The spring in your step, 'I can take on the world' euphoric vibe your... Continue Reading →

Weekend detox

This morning I woke up craving water.  Not to drink, but to just be in... does that happen to anyone else?! I think I was a dolphin or fish in a past life. So I dropped Ben off at work. Boo for Sunday working hours, who made that a thing. And ventured off to my... Continue Reading →

Plants & sunny mornings

Excuse my excitement but today England had over three hours of sunshine. We all lost our cool. I wore shorts. That is until I realised it's actually April and only 22 degrees, opened my front door, shivered and ran back inside. Sunshine makes everything better and I thought I'd share my happy looking front door... Continue Reading →

Ultimate relaxation routine

So it hasn't been your day, your week, your month or even your year... sorry. After a stressful day, or during a night in alone, it's important to learn how to enjoy your own company. I like to treat myself to a little spa like retreat without going anywhere. Yep I know, nailing it. Here's my check-list for the... Continue Reading →

Easter on a budget

Happy Easter everyone! So this morning I got all creative and thought I would share it with you. As we are currently redecorating money is tight. Ok non existant. I thought I would suprise Ben and bought a few cute little chocolate eggs. I am fortunate to come from a very big family and we... Continue Reading →

Having a Tonsillectomy

So today I thought I would share my dreaded battle with my tonsils. These bad boys caused me years of suffering until enough was enough! Lets set the scene, I had never had an operation, not even a tooth out. I hate hospitals and have an intense phobia of needles...expect shaking, crying, fainting. The whole package #mess.... Continue Reading →

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