Our little home intro

Hello there, I thought I would introduce our home, as I will be blogging our refurbishment!

We moved in back in December 14, it only took us a couple of hours and a very small van! The only furniture we owned included a sofa, TV, Ikea coffee table and a bed! Luckily our home included built in wardrobes, a washing machine and a cooker so we didn’t need to buy much straight away!

The following months passed by quickly and then drama. Whilst I was showing one evening water came dripping through the ceiling! Cue the home refurb in February much sooner than we (and our bank accounts) anticipated.

During the decorating and demolishing there were days when I simply wasn’t needed and ended up getting in the way… so before my OCD got the better of me I decided to paint and spruce up the outside of our home!



First we decided to change the front step as it was a CRAAZZYY steep drop, which I may or may not have fallen down a few times in the dark. We also continued the paving along the front of the house to fill with flower pots & maybe a little bench who knows!


Next I repainted the white walls in brilliant white, oh so bright and cheery. And refurbished the little post box, which I mightaaa messed up the ‘o’ so it stayed a “pst” box for a day while the paint dried… whilst I waited for that I also re-painted the plant hanger bracket and changed the door sign.


The spider fear was unrealllll.



We also replaced the outside light as it was as bright as a firefly on its deathbed, and its now got a motion sensor! It’s the little things.


It feels so much brighter and welcoming! Now to focus on the inside…. gulp.

Em xo


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