Having a Tonsillectomy

So today I thought I would share my dreaded battle with my tonsils. These bad boys caused me years of suffering until enough was enough!

Lets set the scene, I had never had an operation, not even a tooth out. I hate hospitals and have an intense phobia of needles…expect shaking, crying, fainting. The whole package #mess.

So on the big day I arrived with my mum, desperately hoping she would stay with me until I was asleep, but alas I had to go on alone. Dramatic but true. So after a tearful goodbye I was led to my bed by a lovely nurse who later informed me she thought I was 12 and reminded her of Luna Lovegood from Harry P…Flattering. I’m 22, not Scottish and cannot see magical creatures. Sigh. Believe it or not this is a positive post, bare with me!

When the surgeon comes to tell you how painful your recovery will be and to be prepared, it’s not a good sign in my books. So after sitting in my gorgeous compression stockings, giant paper pants and gown for four and a half hours, it was finally my turn. At 11.11. Yes I did wish I wouldn’t die.

I was in a little sleep bubble for hours, dreaming of my Hogwarts adventures. It was loveeeely and I wasn’t in any pain! I did however feel like I had eaten a REALLY dry peanut butter sandwich. Whilst stranded in a desert. And it was stuck in the back of my throat.

I then finally got a few sips of water from a cup the size of a toothpaste lid and was asked to eat a sandwich and packet of crisps. Guys, this is impossible. Each tiny bite took 4 forced gulps of water to get down, exhausting.

I was sent home with a pack of medicine the size of me, which turned out to be the devil.

I didn’t feel any real pain until around 1 am so 13 hours later. The Codine and Tramadol made me SO ill, I couldn’t stop being sick for almost 48 hours and was shaking like crazzyyy. So I ended up in A&E.

The pain in your throat is bad enough when swallowing nothing, so being sick is not ideal. I also couldn’t erm..you know…go…

Anyway! After this horrendous weekend  I was given liquid paracetamol and ibuprofen with a throat spray, let me tell ya anything in liquid form is a god send. Try swallowing those giant ibuprofens, it’s not easy.

I wont sugar coat it, the recovery is horrendous. I was so sleep deprived as any longer than 20 mins without sipping water or having an ice lolly caused a dry throat, and that was agony. It is true that it gets much worse before it gets better but by around day 12 I was starting to feel more human and could function again.

Now onto the part no one mentions!! The benefits afterwards! Cumon people!?!?

When you are awake at 4 am feeling hysterical and googling all your symptoms, water coming out your noes when drinking anyone? I came across endless Tonsillectomy forums and posts which literally kept me sane. Finding these were comforting and useful in terms of advice – endless ice lollys & ice packs!!! However no one said keep going it gets so much better and it really does, it’s SO worth it.

I’m now a month and a bit past my operation and let me tell you, I feel fantastic! Like a Disney princess, I wake up smiling, jump out of bed and sing. No joke. I was NOT a morning person, I would wake up feeling so groggy and nauseous. For as long as I can remember I could never eat breakfast, the thought of it turned my stomach. I was so tired all the time and would have moments when I felt dizzy and horrendous. But since I’ve recovered this has all stopped. It’s like a dream!

Don’t get me wrong, I still feel tired sometimes but it’s nothing like it was. So if your like me and need the buggers out but are terrified coz of all the negative Nancy’s out there, go for it!

Yes its an absolutely horrendous recovery and people don’t believe you until they see you. I found it useful to take pictures of your throat and show people to gross them out (lol). This also serves as a way to remind yourself that you are healing and every two or so days shows progress even though you still feel like hell.

I also lost over half a stone which made me look like death, but I am so glad I went through it. When I’m drinking liquid does still occasionally come out my noes…milkshake is the worst! And it did take a while for my taste to return to normal but the benefits definitely outweigh any negatives for me!

I hope anyone going through this can find comfort in this post. Say goodbye to tonsillitis, tonsil stones and feeling crappy. Hurray!

A few quick tips:

  • Set alarms throughout the day and night for your medication (1000% necessary)
  • Sip ice cold water constantly
  • Try and get liquid meds
  • Get ice packs for your neck
  • Buy thousands of cheap watery ice lollys
  • Stock up on films and box sets
  • Make sure you have lots of pillows – sleeping flat was not an option due to swelling.
  • Avoid dairy – it’s too thick and creates mucus
  • Gargle salt water after eating
  • Force yourself to eat little and often – yes it hurts but it helps!

Love Em xo




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