Ultimate relaxation routine

So it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year… sorry.

After a stressful day, or during a night in alone, it’s important to learn how to enjoy your own company. I like to treat myself to a little spa like retreat without going anywhere. Yep I know, nailing it. Here’s my check-list for the best night in, now go pamper yourself, you deserve it!

1. Chocolate pit stop, because duh. Have a healthy(ish) dinner, no takeaways! They only leave you feeling greasy and regretful, no thankaaayou.

2. Run your bath, adding bubbles and oils. Set out your dressing gown, favourite clean pyjamas and body lotion. Side note, invest in a luxury, fluffy, cloud-like dressing gown, and Victoria secret pjs, they are SO worth it. You deserve to feel like a goddess. And boy do these deliver.

4. Take of all your make up, get it OFF. I use Garnier’s Micellar water, it’s gentle, powerful and refreshing. Light candles in your bathroom and one in your bedroom, this way you leave one relaxing room and enter another, heaven!

5. Once your bath is ready add a bath bomb or salts, FYI any Lush bath bomb is guaranteed to brighten your day. Take pictures coz we all do, no shame here. Enjoy the view for a while then turn the lights of and dive in! (not literally, that would be messy. Mess = not relaxing)


6. Close your eyes and think about things that make you happy and you are grateful for. Just focus on your breathing and let your stresses go.

7. I always then shave, because nothing makes you feel like you can take on the world than smooth legs, guaranteed maximum fabulousness. Smooth legs against soft pjs and bedding is my favourite feeling. Sod washing your hair, that takes forever and the drying is non-relaxing so skip that till tomorrow. Instead watch an episode or two of your favourite series, New Girl is my current go-to!

7. Once relaxed and out of the bath, slap on a nice moisturiser, for ultimate comfort no knickers under pj’s are a must for me. No wedgies here. Your welcome.

8. Turn your phone on silent, apply hand cream then get settled on the sofa or in bed and put on a good film/series with your chocolate stash.

9. Don’t stay up too late, get a good eight hours sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and sparkling!

Writing this has made me seriously crave a pamper night in. Guaranteed to make you feel confident and ready to take on ANYTHING.

Love Em xo






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