My story of adopting a blind, 15 year old cat

This is the story of Luna, I wanted to share this as she changed my life. My memory is also horrendous so this is also a little reminder for me to look back on.

I have always been an advocate for adopting & rescuing animals. There are so many waiting in shelters for a loving home, please consider it if you are thinking of buying an animal.

So the story begins when Ben and I first moved into our home. I knew I wanted to rescue an older cat. Having grown up with three, a house is not a home to me without a furry face.

As we live by a busy main road with a communal garden we decided it wouldn’t be fair to have a young cat. And so off we went to our local animal shelter, asking to meet any elderly, disabled cats needing indoor only homes.

It was then we fell completely in love with little Luna. Renamed by us as she was Salem, (yikes!). At 15 years old, completely blind with failing kidneys, high blood pressure and hardly any teeth Luna came home with us that day.

You may be reading this thinking erm…really? But I promise you, if you had seen her sad, little face bumping into the walls in her tiny room at the shelter you would understand.

She completed our home, her quirky ways and adorable cuddly personality filled our lives with more love than I could imagine.

Luna had lived with an elderly gentlemen all her life, he then unfortunately passed away and she was found wandering the garden crying for food by neighbours. I was worried she would be frightened and resentful towards the drastic changes occurring, but she was fantastic.

Despite being blind she mastered our house in under four days. It was incredible to watch her learn, mapping the house with her whiskers over and over. Step by step she discovered the stairs, learning to eventually run down them, much to our amazement.

She even enjoyed little adventures outside in the summer, I let her walk me (very slowly) using a cat hardness. Which my neighbours probably thought was ridiculous to watch.

She was however the most vocal cat I have ever met, although the sleep deprivation was not welcomed it became hilariously clear why they named her Salem! She would yowl all night, which we soon discovered was feline dementia (who knew that existed?).

We had an amazing year with Luna, she then unfortunately very suddenly became unwell. Within 24 hours she was put to sleep in my arms and I have never been more heartbroken.

It has taken me a long time to fully heal from loosing her, this happened in February. It may sound pathetic to some, but I love animals more than most people (not sorry).

I am so glad we chose Luna. We now look back positively and can say we gave her a loving home to live the last year of her life in. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Please consider an older cat, in Luna’s honour I wanted to share our positive experience to encourage others not to be put off by elderly cats. Luna required daily medication, however much to our delight and surprise the shelter (Foal Farm Animal Rescue) provided this for free as it was an existing medical condition.

We have also recently adopted another cat… but thats a whole new story for another time.

Rest in peace, my crazy old girl. dsc_0363







Healthy Granola Recipe

Happy Saturday everyone!

I’ve always been a healthy eater, aside from my chocolate addition… but hey no ones perfect!

I do however have a tendency to start following a recipe before checking if I have the correct ingredients… which I never do. So I substitute them which NEVER ends well, except for today! So I thought I would share my recipe, this is SO simple, if I can pull it off anyone can!

Honestly Healthy’s Granola – Modified
Serves 4 apparently (No chance. I’m eating this all myself thanks very much)


50g dates

100g oats (I used Quakers wholegrain rolled oats)

2 tbsp Agave syrup

90g nuts (I used almonds, as thats all I had!)

3 tbs coconut oil (It does say use olive oil) Mines more clumpy using coconut oil, but I like it that way!

You can also add 15g seeds of your choice, I again didn’t have any…lolz.


Preheat the oven to 160°C / 325°F / Gas mark 3.

Simmer the dates in 1cm of water (I just threw a little in until they were just covered) wait until they are soft and squishy then blend until you have a smooth paste. Stir in the rest of your ingredients and mix it up. 

Place baking paper onto a flat baking tray and spread out the mixture as evenly as possible.

Bake for 15 mins until golden, then reduce the oven temperature to 110°C and bake for a further 30 mins. HOWEVER I wanted mine to be more crunchy so it ended up in there for around an hour, with me checking it and setting alarms so I didn’t forget about it!

I added a big handful of dried raisins when cooked and it turned out delicious! I enjoyed a big bowl with almond milk for breakfast this morning.

Love Em xo




Getting motivated & finding your fitness style

Learning to love fitness 

Personally, I am not a fan of the gym. I struggle to motivate myself to go alone and find the whole thing quite daunting. The amount of people, the atmosphere, the equipment, ahhh.

But I LOVE the feeling after a workout! The spring in your step, ‘I can take on the world’ euphoric vibe your body radiates afterwards.

So I found a variety of working out styles that I love which do not involve going to a gym, thank God.  They are also a good way to build up your fitness level and switch your routine up.

Swimming is my go to, it’s not as gruelling, is gentle on your joints and I love water. However the hassle of getting changed, being cold and drying my ridiculously thick, giant hair makes it not a regular occurrence.

I’m also not a good runner, at all. Picture Phoebe from Friends. So one day turned to Youtube for some inspiration and couldn’t believe the amount of fitness tutorials and workouts you can do for free!


A way to seriously boost and switch up your cardio. I am a big fan of HIIT (high intensity interval training) you can do this anywhere, your living room, bedroom, garden, local park, you name it. And it burns fat fast.  Consisting of short bursts of high energy movements followed by a short recovery. This shortens your workout time drastically. Getting it over and done with. Can I get a hell yeaaa.

Pilates with a twist 

Have you heard of Blogilates? If not thank me later. Cassey is an amazing fitness instructor who provides FREE workout calenders with fun, high energy videos to follow. I have followed her for the past five years, and can honestly say her videos make such a difference to my body. These are great for raining days and home fitness, check them out, they are KILLER. and all free.


I stumbled across Barre fitness videos on Youtube, and fell in love. You can attend classes but they all seem to be in London and a tad pricey. It’s dance/ballet inspired and works your whole body, improving posture, strengthening your core and toning your legs. You can also do this at home replacing the Bar with a high backed chair.

Gym Classes 

It’s very important your posture and form is correct whilst working out so you don’t do any damage, classes ensure this and are a good way to get motivated. Aerobics, Body Attack and Body Combat all involve loud music and realising how bad you are at keeping rhythm! Hilarious and hard work which makes time fly, always a bonus.


I have taken part in Yoga classes but find it more comfortable and relaxing at home. It’s a great way to improve flexibility and strengthen your muscles. A perfect way to end your day and stretch out your muscles after a workout.

I hope this has inspired you to try something new, let me know your favourite workouts!

Em xo


Weekend detox

This morning I woke up craving water.  Not to drink, but to just be in… does that happen to anyone else?! I think I was a dolphin or fish in a past life.

So I dropped Ben off at work. Boo for Sunday working hours, who made that a thing. And ventured off to my parents house to dive into their hot tub! Pure bliss.

I find water so calming and refreshing, especially when the sun is shining like today. It helped me imagine I was away on holiday after seeing Maldives pictures on Instagram this morning. Sigh.


I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Em xo

Ultimate relaxation routine

So it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year… sorry.

After a stressful day, or during a night in alone, it’s important to learn how to enjoy your own company. I like to treat myself to a little spa like retreat without going anywhere. Yep I know, nailing it. Here’s my check-list for the best night in, now go pamper yourself, you deserve it!

1. Chocolate pit stop, because duh. Have a healthy(ish) dinner, no takeaways! They only leave you feeling greasy and regretful, no thankaaayou.

2. Run your bath, adding bubbles and oils. Set out your dressing gown, favourite clean pyjamas and body lotion. Side note, invest in a luxury, fluffy, cloud-like dressing gown, and Victoria secret pjs, they are SO worth it. You deserve to feel like a goddess. And boy do these deliver.

4. Take of all your make up, get it OFF. I use Garnier’s Micellar water, it’s gentle, powerful and refreshing. Light candles in your bathroom and one in your bedroom, this way you leave one relaxing room and enter another, heaven!

5. Once your bath is ready add a bath bomb or salts, FYI any Lush bath bomb is guaranteed to brighten your day. Take pictures coz we all do, no shame here. Enjoy the view for a while then turn the lights of and dive in! (not literally, that would be messy. Mess = not relaxing)


6. Close your eyes and think about things that make you happy and you are grateful for. Just focus on your breathing and let your stresses go.

7. I always then shave, because nothing makes you feel like you can take on the world than smooth legs, guaranteed maximum fabulousness. Smooth legs against soft pjs and bedding is my favourite feeling. Sod washing your hair, that takes forever and the drying is non-relaxing so skip that till tomorrow. Instead watch an episode or two of your favourite series, New Girl is my current go-to!

7. Once relaxed and out of the bath, slap on a nice moisturiser, for ultimate comfort no knickers under pj’s are a must for me. No wedgies here. Your welcome.

8. Turn your phone on silent, apply hand cream then get settled on the sofa or in bed and put on a good film/series with your chocolate stash.

9. Don’t stay up too late, get a good eight hours sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and sparkling!

Writing this has made me seriously crave a pamper night in. Guaranteed to make you feel confident and ready to take on ANYTHING.

Love Em xo





Having a Tonsillectomy

So today I thought I would share my dreaded battle with my tonsils. These bad boys caused me years of suffering until enough was enough!

Lets set the scene, I had never had an operation, not even a tooth out. I hate hospitals and have an intense phobia of needles…expect shaking, crying, fainting. The whole package #mess.

So on the big day I arrived with my mum, desperately hoping she would stay with me until I was asleep, but alas I had to go on alone. Dramatic but true. So after a tearful goodbye I was led to my bed by a lovely nurse who later informed me she thought I was 12 and reminded her of Luna Lovegood from Harry P…Flattering. I’m 22, not Scottish and cannot see magical creatures. Sigh. Believe it or not this is a positive post, bare with me!

When the surgeon comes to tell you how painful your recovery will be and to be prepared, it’s not a good sign in my books. So after sitting in my gorgeous compression stockings, giant paper pants and gown for four and a half hours, it was finally my turn. At 11.11. Yes I did wish I wouldn’t die.

I was in a little sleep bubble for hours, dreaming of my Hogwarts adventures. It was loveeeely and I wasn’t in any pain! I did however feel like I had eaten a REALLY dry peanut butter sandwich. Whilst stranded in a desert. And it was stuck in the back of my throat.

I then finally got a few sips of water from a cup the size of a toothpaste lid and was asked to eat a sandwich and packet of crisps. Guys, this is impossible. Each tiny bite took 4 forced gulps of water to get down, exhausting.

I was sent home with a pack of medicine the size of me, which turned out to be the devil.

I didn’t feel any real pain until around 1 am so 13 hours later. The Codine and Tramadol made me SO ill, I couldn’t stop being sick for almost 48 hours and was shaking like crazzyyy. So I ended up in A&E.

The pain in your throat is bad enough when swallowing nothing, so being sick is not ideal. I also couldn’t know…go…

Anyway! After this horrendous weekend  I was given liquid paracetamol and ibuprofen with a throat spray, let me tell ya anything in liquid form is a god send. Try swallowing those giant ibuprofens, it’s not easy.

I wont sugar coat it, the recovery is horrendous. I was so sleep deprived as any longer than 20 mins without sipping water or having an ice lolly caused a dry throat, and that was agony. It is true that it gets much worse before it gets better but by around day 12 I was starting to feel more human and could function again.

Now onto the part no one mentions!! The benefits afterwards! Cumon people!?!?

When you are awake at 4 am feeling hysterical and googling all your symptoms, water coming out your noes when drinking anyone? I came across endless Tonsillectomy forums and posts which literally kept me sane. Finding these were comforting and useful in terms of advice – endless ice lollys & ice packs!!! However no one said keep going it gets so much better and it really does, it’s SO worth it.

I’m now a month and a bit past my operation and let me tell you, I feel fantastic! Like a Disney princess, I wake up smiling, jump out of bed and sing. No joke. I was NOT a morning person, I would wake up feeling so groggy and nauseous. For as long as I can remember I could never eat breakfast, the thought of it turned my stomach. I was so tired all the time and would have moments when I felt dizzy and horrendous. But since I’ve recovered this has all stopped. It’s like a dream!

Don’t get me wrong, I still feel tired sometimes but it’s nothing like it was. So if your like me and need the buggers out but are terrified coz of all the negative Nancy’s out there, go for it!

Yes its an absolutely horrendous recovery and people don’t believe you until they see you. I found it useful to take pictures of your throat and show people to gross them out (lol). This also serves as a way to remind yourself that you are healing and every two or so days shows progress even though you still feel like hell.

I also lost over half a stone which made me look like death, but I am so glad I went through it. When I’m drinking liquid does still occasionally come out my noes…milkshake is the worst! And it did take a while for my taste to return to normal but the benefits definitely outweigh any negatives for me!

I hope anyone going through this can find comfort in this post. Say goodbye to tonsillitis, tonsil stones and feeling crappy. Hurray!

A few quick tips:

  • Set alarms throughout the day and night for your medication (1000% necessary)
  • Sip ice cold water constantly
  • Try and get liquid meds
  • Get ice packs for your neck
  • Buy thousands of cheap watery ice lollys
  • Stock up on films and box sets
  • Make sure you have lots of pillows – sleeping flat was not an option due to swelling.
  • Avoid dairy – it’s too thick and creates mucus
  • Gargle salt water after eating
  • Force yourself to eat little and often – yes it hurts but it helps!

Love Em xo



Personalities & feeling at peace

Today’s post is dedicated to something a little different, whilst at work last week my manager sent us all a link to participate in a personality test if we wished to do so.

I generally really enjoy things like this and so was more than happy to give it a go!

It’s quite detailed, not your average quiz asking what’s your favourite colour or who you prefer, Zac Efron or Channing Tatum… wow thats a tough one.

It takes under twelve minutes to complete, the analysis you then receive is so incredibly detailed. It’s even broken down into categories ranging from strengths, weaknesses, relationships and parenthood to name a few.

I was blown away by the accuracy of my results, it was as if a tiny person had jumped inside my mind and studied me for years!


“Their idealism and vision allow ENFJs to overcome many challenging obstacles, more often than not brightening the lives of those around them. ENFJs’ imagination is invaluable in many areas, including their own personal growth”.

“Yet ENFJs can be easily tripped up in areas where idealism and altruism are more of a liability than an asset”.

I was reading this like COULD THIS BE MORE ACCURATE.

Whilst reading through my positives and negatives I had a little revelation… nobodys perfect, you cannot compare yourself to others as we are all individuals! In other words give yo’self a break!


*Picture taken by me in Sorrento Italy – preferably take a break here its beautiful.

I am always so critical of my weakness which are stated as being overly idealistic, too selfless, too sensitive, fluctuating self esteem and struggling to make tough decisions.

IT’S LIKE THEY KNOW ME. I feel inspired now to see these weaknesses as a challenge to improve upon not try to ignore and hide. For me, the most reassuring and inspiring part of this was reading comments from others with the same personality type, hello fellow protagonists!

I’ll insert the link below if anyone else fancies giving it a go, it’s fun to compare results! I hope this can give you reassurance and a little self-esteem boost as it did me.

Em xo