Personalities & feeling at peace

Today's post is dedicated to something a little different, whilst at work last week my manager sent us all a link to participate in a personality test if we wished to do so. I generally really enjoy things like this and so was more than happy to give it a go! It's quite detailed, not... Continue Reading →


Our little home intro

Hello there, I thought I would introduce our home, as I will be blogging our refurbishment! We moved in back in December 14, it only took us a couple of hours and a very small van! The only furniture we owned included a sofa, TV, Ikea coffee table and a bed! Luckily our home included built in... Continue Reading →

Green vibes

I decided to start a little blog dedicated to mainly the refurbishment of my first home with my boyfriend Ben & general lifestyle posts. So to start things off, here's a small mid-week plant adoption and refurb. I think having greenery adds such vibrance to a room, I particularly love plants that are easy to... Continue Reading →

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